Högbo Bruks digitala guide

"Holy Earth"

A living installation

The art installation Helig Jord (“Holy Earth”) is a flower bed in the shape of Sweden, filled with soil that Eunice Vidals collected from all over the country. The Swedish people contributed to the artwork by sending soil that has a special meaning to them - it could be soil from a playground where they played when they were little, soil from a graveyard where their loved ones are buried, or maybe soil from the place where they had their first kiss.

Helig Jord was a part of the festival and exhibition Sverige en Kärleksdikt (Sweden - a Love Poem) in 2017, and is today a permanent feature in Högbo Bruk.

Location: By Lusthuset (the Pavillion)


The "Holy Earth" flower bed is being moved to another place in the park. In the summer of 2019 you can see it again in its full splendor.